VTCT Level 2 Certificate in Instructing Group Studio Cycling

Qualification Information

Sector: Sports, Active Health and Fitness Category: Fitness Instruction and Group Exercise
VTCT Product Code: SP2C11 GLH: 157 Age Restriction: 16
Qualification Number: 603/6319/8 Units: 4 Registration End Date: 31st Jul 2022
Level: 2

Additional Information

Documentation for this qualification last amended 18/09/2020

Statement of purpose

Who is this qualification for?

The VTCT Level 2 Certificate in Instructing Group Studio Cycling is an Occupational Qualification aimed at learners aged 16+ who are either in a full-time Level 2 education programme, a part time programme at a college or with a private training provider, and wish to pursue a career within the fitness industry as a group studio cycling instructor. The qualification is based on the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA) professional standards for group exercise instructor.

What are professional standards?

A professional standard is a framework which defines the knowledge, skills and behaviours required to perform certain tasks relating to a job role. These standards will gradually be embedded into qualifications by Awarding Organisations to replace the current qualifications that are underpinned by National Occupational Standards (NOS). Within the sport sector these standards are employer led and facilitated by CIMSPA. The CIMSPA professional standards outline the knowledge and skills required to underpin the occupations and job roles within the sport and physical activity sector.

What does this qualification cover?

The qualification includes all the required elements to work effectively as a group studio cycling instructor. Learners must achieve all mandatory units which include:

  • Anatomy and physiology for exercise and fitness professionals
  • Professional practice for exercise and fitness professionals
  • Exercise, fitness and lifestyle consultation and management
  • Planning and instructing group studio cycling

  • Throughout this qualification, learners will develop their knowledge and understanding of relevant anatomy and physiology. They will also develop the knowledge, understanding and skills to pre-screen clients and check their readiness to exercise, health and safety. Learners will develop the knowledge and skills to plan group studio cycling sessions. They will learn how to design and structure group studio cycling sessions to train different components of fitness. In parallel, learners will develop their communication and customer service skills, their awareness of environmental sustainability and their commercial skills, all of which are valued highly by employers. Problem solving, team working skills and research skills will also be developed.

    What could this qualification lead to?

    Learners who achieve this qualification are eligible to become a fitness instructor and register to become a member of the chartered institute for the management of sport and physical activity (CIMSPA). As a group studio cycling instructor, learners could progress directly into employment in a variety of contexts, which include:

  • Commercial gyms
  • Public leisure centres
  • Private health and fitness clubs
  • Armed forces
  • HM prison service
  • Cruise liners

  • Whilst the primary purpose of this qualification is to prepare learners for employment, learners may choose to develop their knowledge and skills further by completing additional qualifications at level 3 in the following areas:

  • Gym instruction
  • Personal training
  • Exercise referral
  • Physical activity programmes for antenatal and postnatal clients

  • Qualification Structure

    Mandatory - from this group you'll need to cover a minimum of 4 components and earn a minimum of credits.

    Unit Code Unit Ref Unit Title Level Credits GLH
    USP182 A/617/2590 Anatomy and physiology for exercise and fitness professionals 2 40
    USP183 F/617/2591 Professional practice for exercise and fitness professionals 2 28
    USP184 J/617/2592 Exercise, fitness and lifestyle consultation and management 3 50
    USP194 L/618/3397 Planning and instructing group studio cycling 2 39

    *For full details of the Rules of Combination for this qualification please see the Qualification Specification/Record of Assessment book.


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