VTCT Level 3 Certificate in Computing for Teachers

Qualification Information

VTCT Product Code: SK3C1 GLH: Age Restriction: 18
Qualification Number: 603/0328/1 Units: 4 - 10 Registration End Date: 31st Jul 2020
Level: 3 Minimum Credits: 16

Qualification Structure

Mandatory Group - from this group you'll need to cover a minimum of 1 components and earn a minimum of 4 credits.

Unit Code Unit Ref Unit Title Level Credits GLH
USK32 J/615/1712 Introduction to programming for teachers 3 4 30

Optional Group - from this group you'll need to cover a minimum of 3 components and earn a minimum of 12 credits.

Unit Code Unit Ref Unit Title Level Credits GLH
USK29 D/615/1702 Teaching computer systems 3 4 30
USK30 K/615/1704 Teaching number systems and machine code 3 4 30
USK31 F/615/1708 Teaching Scratch programming 3 4 30
USK33 R/615/1714 Teaching programming 3 4 30
USK34 H/615/1720 Teaching database theory 3 4 30
USK35 T/615/1723 Teaching network theory 3 4 30
USK36 F/615/1725 Teaching web theory 3 4 30
USK37 J/615/1726 Teaching application creation for mobile devices 3 4 30
USK38 L/615/1727 Teaching programming in robotics 3 4 30

*For full details of the Rules of Combination for this qualification please see the Qualification Specification/Record of Assessment book.


*To find specifications for individual units, click on the "Structure" tab of your chosen qualification, select the unit code in the left hand column and on the new page click on the "Download unit book" tab under the unit title.

Centres approved to run this qualification

VTCT accredits centres to offer our qualifications, but cannot advise which centres are running particular courses at any time. Please contact the centre directly to find out if they currently offering your chosen qualification.

NB: The location displayed for each centre is based upon the centre's main address. The location displayed is not necessarily the only location that the centre can deliver VTCT qualifications from. For further information on a centre's delivery capabilities please select the centre's website address.

Centre Name Telephone Website Location
Sep Educational Services Limited 0845 474 0668 Visit website London - Waltham Forest
Warwickshire Local Authority 07713 185824 Visit website Warwickshire
Technocamps 01792 295160 Visit website Swansea