Qualification Information

VTCT Product Code: HB3D6 GLH: 725 Age Restriction: 16
Qualification Number: 603/0203/3 Units: 0 - 27 Registration End Date: 31st Jul 2023
Level: 3

Additional Information

Documentation for this qualification last amended 1 September 2020

Statement of purpose

Who is this qualification for?

The VTCT Level 3 Combined Diploma in Hairdressing is a Technical Level qualification aimed at learners aged 16-19 who require a full-time Level 3 education programme and wish to pursue a career as an employed and/or self-employed hairdresser/hairstylist.

There are no formal entry requirements for this qualification but in order to optimise their chances of success, a learner will ideally hold a Level 1 qualification or equivalent in hairdressing.

What does this qualification cover?

This qualification is based on the national occupational standards for hairdressing and includes all the required elements to work effectively as a hairdresser/hairstylist who wishes to progress to a senior level. Learners must achieve all mandatory units

Level 2 includes:
- Advise and consult with clients
- Blow-dry and style hair
- Colour and lighten hair
- Cut ladies hair
- Health, safety and hygiene
- Set and dress hair
- Shampoo, condition and treat the hair and scalp
- Style hair with electrical equipment

Level 3 includes:
- Blow-dry and finishing services
- Health and safety in the salon
- Hairdressing consultation
- Hair cutting services
- Hair colouring services
- Setting and dressing services

Throughout this qualification, learners will develop their knowledge and understanding of relevant anatomy and physiology and health and safety. They will also develop the knowledge, understanding and skills to consult with clients, provide a range of basic and advanced cutting, colouring and lightening services. Alongside these are units to develop and enhance skills in setting, dressing, blow-drying and styling hair. In parallel, learners will develop their communication and customer service skills, their awareness of environmental sustainability and their commercial skills, all of which are valued highly by employers. Problem solving and research skills will also be developed.

In addition to completing mandatory units, learners are required to complete one optional level 3 unit. A variety of optional units are available which includes:
- Blow-drying and straightening services
- Colour correction services
- Competition hair
- Hair and scalp treatments
- Hair extension services
- Hair perming services
- Hair relaxing services
- Managing a commercial column
- Men's cutting services
- Occasion hair services
- Planning and implementing promotional activities
- Salon reception duties
- Social media marketing for a hair or beauty business

Why is this qualification the most suitable?

This qualification is a technical level two year course in hairdressing. It combines both level 2 junior stylist units that will be the foundation required for a junior hairdresser/hairstylist and level 3 technical advanced units required for a senior hairstylist.

This combined technical Level 2 and 3 qualification was conceived and designed as a direct result of both industry and service provider consultation. Employers wish to engage with learners on a seamless journey through Level 2 and 3 to ensure they had access to the best and most qualified hairdressers who are fully employable at the end of their training.

At level 2 learners have the opportunity of gaining the basic knowledge, understanding and practical skills associated with a junior hairdresser. At level 3 in year 2, these skills are developed further the role of a senior stylist/hairdresser.
The qualification structure meets the needs of todays' hairdresser, making learners not only industry ready but upon successful completion, learners are able to register with an appropriate professional association.

At 894 total qualification time (TQT) over a 2 year period, the Combined Diploma is also suitable for those learners who have achieved English and maths at Level 2 and wish to focus the majority of their programme on hairdressing, whereby they will develop a broader range of technical skills.

What could this qualification lead to?

Learners who achieve this qualification are eligible to become a State Registered Hairdresser (SRH) with The Hairdressing Council. As a senior hairdresser/hairstylist, learners could progress directly into employment in a variety of contexts, which include:

- commercial salons
- specialist African type hair salons
- independent/self-employed/mobile/home-based settings
- television, film, theatre and media
- armed services
- HM prison service
- cruise liners
- hospitals/care homes

Whilst the primary purpose of this qualification is to prepare learners for employment, learners may choose to develop their knowledge and skills further by completing a specialist qualification at Level 4 in one or more of the following areas:

- salon management
- hair colour correction
- specialist hair and scalp services
- advanced hair styling
- specialist relaxing or straightening styling services

Who supports this qualification?

This qualification is regulated by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual).

This qualification has been approved by the Department for Education for teaching to 16-19 year olds from September 2017, and will be first reported in the technical level category of the 2019 16-19 performance tables (subject to confirmation).

This qualification has been developed collaboratively with employers, professional associations and key stakeholders in the hairdressing sector. The knowledge, skills and competencies gained will provide the best possible opportunity for progression into employment.

This qualification is formally supported by the following organisations:

NameWebsite address
The Hairdressing Councilhaircouncil.org.uk
National Hairdressers' Federationnhf.info

Qualification Structure

Unit Code Unit Ref Unit Title Level Credits GLH
HB3D6.EX1 External Examination 1 HB3D6 3
HB3D6.EX2 External Examination 2 HB3D6 3
HB3D6.EX3 External Examination 3 HB3D6 3
HB3D6.EX4 External Examination 4 HB3D6 3
HB3D6.SYN Graded Synoptic Assessment HB3D6 3

Unit Code Unit Ref Unit Title Level Credits GLH
UCO28M L/507/5626 Health and safety in the salon 3 30
UCO34M Y/615/0807 Health, safety and hygiene 2 30
UHB124M M/507/5327 Blow-drying and finishing services 3 30
UHB134M H/507/5485 Hair colouring services 3 100
UHB135M F/507/5493 Hair cutting services 3 90
UHB139M H/507/5597 Hairdressing consultation 3 60
UHB147M T/507/5605 Setting and dressing services 3 30
UHB169M A/615/0802 Advise and consult with clients 2 35
UHB170M F/615/0803 Blow-dry and style hair 2 30
UHB171M J/615/0804 Colour and lighten hair 2 90
UHB172M L/615/0805 Cut ladies hair 2 85
UHB174M Y/615/0810 Set and dress hair 2 35
UHB175M D/615/0811 Shampoo, condition and treat the hair and scalp 2 25
UHB176M K/615/0813 Style hair with electrical equipment 2 30

Unit Code Unit Ref Unit Title Level Credits GLH
UCO29X D/507/5629 Salon reception duties 3 25
UCO30X Y/507/5631 Social media marketing for a hair or beauty business 3 25
UCO31X D/507/5632 Planning and implementing promotional activities 3 25
UCO32X T/507/5636 Managing a commercial column 3 25
UHB125X A/507/5329 Blow-drying and straightening systems 3 60
UHB126X T/507/5426 Colour correction services 3 120
UHB128X D/507/5436 Competition hair 3 60
UHB133X L/507/5478 Hair and scalp treatments 3 80
UHB136X F/507/5588 Hair extension services 3 100
UHB137X A/507/5590 Hair perming services 3 110
UHB138X Y/507/5595 Hair relaxing services 3 110
UHB145X H/507/5602 Occasion hair services 3 30
UHB150X M/507/5618 Men's cutting services 3 80

*For full details of the Rules of Combination for this qualification please see the Qualification Specification/Record of Assessment book.

Centres approved to run this qualification

VTCT accredits centres to offer our qualifications, but cannot advise which centres are running particular courses at any time. Please contact the centre directly to find out if they currently offering your chosen qualification.

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St. Peter's School 01480 459581 Visit website Cambridgeshire
Nene Park Academy 01733 368300 Visit website Cambridgeshire - Peterborough
Basingstoke College of Technology 01256 354141 Visit website Hampshire