VTCT Level 2 Certificate in Sport and Active Leisure (VRQ)

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Qualification Information

VTCT Product CodeSP2C1
Qualification Number601/4554/7
Age Restriction14+
Registration End Date31/12/2016

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Who is this qualification for?

The VTCT Level 2 Certificate in Sport and Active Leisure (VRQ) is a Technical Award specifically for 14-16 year olds. This qualification aims to support young people to:

develop a broad and comprehensive understanding of the sport and active leisure sector
develop knowledge which spans the entire vocational sector and related industries
develop academic study and transferable skills that will support progression within the sport and active leisure sector and more broadly.

Sport and active leisure has been and remains an extremely popular topic area that many young people are enthused by and aspire to. The aim of this qualification is to use sport and active leisure as a vehicle to develop learners more broadly, so they are sufficiently prepared and equipped with the knowledge, understanding and skills to pursue a career in any context.

What will learners study as part of this qualification?

This qualification is made up of two mandatory units entitled, Understanding the Sport and Active Leisure Sector, and Sport and Leisure Research Project. In these units, learners will learn about sport and active leisure and related sectors and how to carry out valid and reliable research. These units will be taught first and underpin all other units in this qualification.

Learners will also be required to complete two of the optional units listed below:

Enterprise in the Sport and Active Leisure Sector - in this unit learners will research and develop new ideas for their own business enterprise in sport and active leisure.
Marketing Sport and Active Leisure Products and Services - in this unit learners will look at sport and leisure business and then develop their own marketing materials and activities to support a product or service.
Science in Sport and Active Leisure - in this unit learners will look at sports technology, conduct fitness tests, and recommend technological products and services to participants.
Leading an Active and Healthy Lifestyle - in this unit learners will assess lifestyles and recommend positive changes to improve health and wellbeing.

Through undertaking this qualification learners will also develop a range of transferable skills including:
Critical thinking and being reflective on self-performance and work produced
Use of initiative, planning and researching skills, self-management, self-motivation and the ability to work independently
Innovation and creativity
Application of knowledge and understanding to real life examples and businesses
Problem solving
Communication skills - verbal, written and visual.

In addition to these transferable skills, learning about sectors, carrying out research, exploring businesses and new ideas for businesses, planning marketing activities and producing marketing materials, testing science and technology, and assessing lifestyles and suggesting imporvements to health and well being are all general skills that be applied to a vast range of topics and will prepare learners to progress to further learning in a broad range of subject areas.

Which subjects will complement this qualification?

This qualification covers a wide range of subject areas and will be well complemented by both GCSEs and other Technical Awards in related subject areas. Specific subject areas related to this qualification include, maths, English, science and business studies.

Qualification Structure*

Mandatory Group - from this group you'll need to cover a minimum of 2 units.

Unit CodeUnit Ref.Unit TitleLevelCreditsGLH
USP34M/506/6577Understanding the Sport and Active Leisure Sector230
USP35A/506/6579Sport and Active Leisure Research Project230

Optional Group - from this group you'll need to cover a minimum of 2 units.

Unit CodeUnit Ref.Unit TitleLevelCreditsGLH
USP36M/506/6580Enterprise in the Sport and Active Leisure Sector230
USP37T/506/6581Marketing Sport and Active Leisure Products and Services230
USP38A/506/6582Science in Sport and Active Leisure230
USP39F/506/6583Leading an Active and Healthy Lifestyle230

*For full details of the Rules of Combination for this qualification please see the Qualification Specification/Record of Assessment book.

Centres approved to run this qualification

VTCT accredits centres to offer our qualifications, but cannot advise which centres are running particular courses at any time. Please contact the centre directly to find out if they currently offering your chosen qualification.

NB: The location displayed for each centre is based upon the centre's main address. The location displayed is not necessarily the only location that the centre can deliver VTCT qualifications from. For further information on a centre's delivery capabilities please select the centre's website address.

Centre NameTelephoneWebsiteLocation
Olive AP Academy01708 853781http://www.oliveacademies.org.uk/Essex - Thurrock
All Saints' Academy01242 711200http://www.asachelt.org/Gloucestershire
SkillForce0161 222 0203http://www.skillforce.orgGreater Manchester - Oldham
Bay House School and Sixth Form023 9258 7931http://www.bayhouse.hants.sch.ukHampshire
Coaching Connexions Ltd0151 521 4010http://www.Coachingconnexions.co.ukMerseyside - Liverpool
Retford Oaks Academy01777 861618http://www.retfordoaks-ac.org.uk/Nottinghamshire
Tuxford Academy01777 870001http://www.tuxford-ac.org.ukNottinghamshire
Ormiston Forge Academy01384 566598http://www.ormistonforgeacademy.co.ukWest Midlands - Sandwell